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Licensed Official Character

Hit Entertainment Sam le Pompier Happy Days
Mattel Sam le pompier Happy Days

This is Fireman Sam , the official character licensed by Fireman Sam.


Happy Days Organisations SL holds the official France license to manage the live appearances of Fireman Sam during public and private events on behalf of the brand owner.


The mascot of Fireman Sam offers perfect family content to entertain young and old in all your live events.


Our teams take care of everything; our service is complete and includes the official and protected suit, the trained performer and the road manager, to accompany the character.


Fireman Sam has become one of the best known names in France in children's television. Fireman Sam is a courageous and energetic member of the village of Pontypandy Fire Brigade. Sam is well known and recognized as a hero, always ready for action - he is everyone's favorite hero.


Sam and his team revive the principles of teamwork in self-help and problem solving in a way that resonates with children.


Fireman Sam allows children to explore topics such as mutual aid, rescue, on land, at sea or in the air, courage, assistance to others, and many others. ;


At an appearance of Fireman Sam, preschool and school children can take photos with Sam and enjoy an unforgettable encounter and experience a memorable experience.

mascotte officielle sam le pompier

Live Appearences

Fireman Sam meets children

Fairs, Exhibitions, Theme Park,

Commercial animation, Christmas event, Sam is always present to meet the children

Road Tours

Sam the Fireman on the roads of France

In collaboration with Mattel, Road Safety, the federation of firefighters of France, the SDIS of France, Sam runs the highways during the summer.

Fireman Sam 

Summer Tour


Fireman Sam movie releases

Sam meets his fans to present his new adventures

In collaboration with Mattel, Pathé Gaumont and Pathé Live Cinemas

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